Well-Being & Mindfulness🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️

Well Being & Mindfulness
Well-Being & Mindfulness


Support small businesses If we're already stuck at home, without any job or schools, getting bored and lazy or just starting to order shit online, we need to remember! Instead of ordering something online, support small businesses by buying from them. Behind every small business there's a soul. When you're buying from a small business, you're not helping some CEO of a big corporation to buy another summer house in Ibiza, you're helping someone to pay for his\her kid's education, you're helping someone to put food on their table, you're supporting the working class heroes. Please look around you, in your block or neighborhood and help those people, you might even know them personally. The situation even magnifies their struggle, so show some solidarity! Meditation & Mindfulness Rise and shine meditation and mindfulness! The hottest trend is to find our inner peach, to calm down and relax! You must do it or give it a try. Even Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Kendrick Lamar and Jennifer Lopez do it. We can't put in words how good it feels - try, thank us later. no excuses! Volunteer If you feel useless or bored being stuck at home, look for volunteering opportunities in your community and join them! Contribute to the community by doing, by helping, we're all together during this crisis, so you'll do something good for your community, and feel better on the way!

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