Video Chat Dates - Some TIPS 💁‍♂️💁‍♀️

Video Chat Dates - Some TIPS
Video Chat Dates - Some TIPS


Dating & Covid-19 What do you say about dating during quarantine? What about social distancing? I bet you say NO WAY but at Kama we say HELL YEAH! And it's just temporary... Go on a date via video calls! Don't panic, it's totally possible and as usual we're here to help! You can do it!

So, what do we need to know? How to prepare for our video date?

Make sure your background is not messy! Nobody wants to see your underwear in the background or your dirty plates you left on your desk. Kendrick Lamar once said "be humble sit down" - So sit down. Try not to lay on the bed during the date, it's so inappropriate. Act like you're in a real date at a restaurant. Find a comfortable place to sit down on like a polite human being. Double check your camera and microphone! Make sure everything is working to avoid being corny

Also valid on a video dates - Do not be late! Don't make someone wait for you as you don't want someone to be late, respect your date and be on time please. Eat before!

Not everyone is ok with people eating in their face during a video call, even in a work meeting or in online classes. But you can definitely drink something during the date! Have aside a coffee or a smoothie if you feel like having something.

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