Video Chat Dates - More TIPS 🥳


Dress nicely! You have a reason to dress NICE first of all. Don't show up with a hoodie or something. Secondly, it's nice to show your date you made some effort. Show you care - it's cute!

Give a notice to the people with whom you stay - that you're going to be busy, so there won't be any surprises and interruptions. Don't hide behind sunglasses or something, just try not to.

It's disrespectful. Don't criticize your date about what he/she have done in quarantine or any of his\her new hobbies. Don't make them uncomfortable or embarrassed

Be cool. It just sounds threatening to VIDEO CALL, but when you're thinking about it, are you that afraid from a video call? It's totally OK, and again, we all miss people and social interactions. Be yourself and be nice. That's basically it. Find a quiet place in your house to have the video date, without unnecessary noises like young brothers yelling or noisy parrots. Remember you can always end the call. If you feel uncomfortable or something pops up and you need to leave, you can just hang up right away. But remember - this is a human being you're talking with, so you can say Bye.

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