Quarantine Time 😖 -> 😁

Quarantine Time
Quarantine Time


Quarantine Time Let's make the most out of this quarantine time! Staying at home is necessary for our safety during the Covid-19 crisis, but it doesn’t mean we need to get so depressed! We should definitely make the best out of it! Get yourself ready for people again & dating especially! So when was the last time you really had time for yourself? Always remember that being alone is the best time to be in a relationship with yourself - yes it's hard but we must do is sometimes (and then you'd tell your date what a great time you had in quarantine) Here's a list of things you can do at home: Workouts Eating whatever you want is yummy of course, but every quarantine must come to an end... JK but you must stay healthy! Do yoga, do some workouts, dance, do pilates... You'll feel so much better physically and mentally, be strong and healthy by moving your body a bit, so get your ass to the Zoom active classes! Find yourself a nice group or or just go solo! You'll look fantastic! Take care of your body Isn't it wonderful you finally have time to take care of your body?! All the bath salts you always wanted to try, all the lotions and the face masks, body scrubs or just a fancy soap. Your body deserve it! If you don’t have all these things at home, you can totally DIY! Find some cool Youtubers that explain how to do things, and you're all set! You'll be ready for the real dates gal!

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