Quarantine Activities 元

Quarantine Activities
Quarantine Activities


Learn how to cook! First of all, someone who can cooks is SO sexy! Secondly it's very impressive! Now in quarantine you have plenty of time to cook for yourself, so learn how to cook some goodies (making food burns the time perfectly!), for you or your family & friends. Remember that food makes people happy! And when everything is over you could show off the what you cooked to the rest of the gang! (; Try something new Have a lot of time to do nothing? Let's do something! It's time to try something new like macrame decors, urban gardening, try new hair color or do a makeover to your place! Hi who knows, you may find your new hobby! And you can also do things with friends via video! Tidy up your stuff "I'll do it tomorrow", "Maybe later", "Na it's not that bad"... Yeah yeah we've heard it all! We know the feeling... THIS is the opportunity to FINALLY do it!!! tidy up your room, do a makeover to your space, go over your stuff to see what you really need and what you're not, and believe us you'll feel so good after doing that!

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