Enjoy Yourself 😇📚

Enjoy Yourself
Enjoy Yourself


Rearrange your brain Quarantine & social distancing are major events that might make our lives suck in a sudden! But hey hey hey chill down it's OK my bros! Just take a deep breath and let's talk about it. We know it's super hard and when feeling alone our inner demons rise to mind. But you definitely need to give them space and deal with them - calm them DOWN. Try to meditate, tidy up your thoughts, think, take time for yourself - it's ok to be alone... Let us tell you a secret... We all feel the same at the end of the day. Share things, it's important, talk to your parents, friends or someone you trust. Read a book Yeah some of you will say it's so 2000 & LATE but give it a try! It's like having a movie inside of your brain, if you find a really good book it's literally a whole new world (it's quarantine - the "too cool" kids won't know you read), did you know most of the movies are based on a book?! And the book is always better than the movie (; Call your family & friends Try to have a daily routine of calling you loved ones. The social distancing and quarantine separated us and it's SOO important to keep in touch, to show people you care, that you're missing them, make them feel good. We all miss each other, especially our grandparents. It's really nice to keep in touch and it's very easy. Be patient, once it's over have a big party with everybody!

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