Dating Apps Are Not For Dating

The problem:

Dating apps today are meant to introduce you to someone you might like. You swipe, match, and that’s where it ends. It’s up to you to take it to the next level. That’s why most people stay on the app - because it’s hard to convert a match to a date. And with an average ratio of 150 matches:1 date, I feel your frustration!

Let’s dig into the WHY:

Those apps don’t have an incentive to take you off the app, because they benefit from your screen time. They sell you a subscription and premium features, and then they don’t want you to stop paying. Ever. And even if they tell you “we want you to delete our app” - it’s just a marketing tool to make you think they’re in your best interest.

Kama is different:

We try to motivate people to actually go and meet in real life, and we don’t count on screen time as a source of revenue. We’ll partner with the businesses that host the dates, creating a win-win-win situation - users get to actually date and enjoy a unique experience at the restaurants; restaurants get more customers; Kama gets a small cut of the dates’ bills.

Any doubts?

Obviously, people tell me they want to talk with their match and get to know them before the meeting. But honestly, the digital sphere has its limitations - body language can’t be imitated in the digital world. So instead of spending time on the app - matching and texting - which dating apps users in average spend more than 70 minutes a day doing - go on 1-2 dates a week; spend those hours on actually getting to know someone. And if the logistics are made easy, and the date location isn’t that far - why not go out?.

Try - you won’t suffer from it; you also shouldn’t fear your safety because you’ll date at a venue. And if the date doesn’t go well, at least you spent some time socializing with someone new instead of spending all that time on the phone.


Kama provides dates - a time and a location - upon matching, at partnering restaurants, bars, and cafes. You get a unique dating experience with perks and a special vibe. And we’re in it with you - by being 100% aligned with your incentive and interest ( which is to meet people in person).

And just to end with a small piece of advice - focus on meeting in person. It’ll save you time and raise your chances to find someone to have a meaningful relationship with😊

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