Helping you get back to business


By providing you with customers. As Simple As That!


We set a time and a place for our daters

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They arrive in your venue at the time

What we ask in return?

Provide them with discounts



Sourcing tool to directly provide customers


Optimize for off-peak hours and table turn-over


Incentivize multiple dates per couple

Increase awareness & brand exposure to college students

Total Value Add per partnering venue - up to $3000 per week


Up to 1000 additional customers per month

Up to $15,000 additional revenue per month

Free for first 2 months

cancel any time

Easy to use

Flexible Plans to Fit Your Needs

Our growing network of daters needs cool venues to go on the date at!

We provide you with customers, and we charge a small subscription in return.

Please choose the plan that fits you most dependent on the average expense of two at your venue.



-------- Best For --------

All venues who wish to try us out and never look back!

The Barista


-------- Best For --------

If your average couple spends ~$15 per visit. Best for Cafés, Ice Cream shops, Ice Tea shops, and more.

The Waiter


-------- Best For --------

If your average couple spends ~$40 per visit. Best for $$ restaurants and fast-casual venues.

The Bartender


-------- Best For --------

If your average couple spends ~$60 per visit. Best for pubs, bars, and higher-end restaurants.

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