View photos, bio, personality questions, and mutual friends & followers


Every Kama Match is a Date IRL, based on

your personal preferences and schedule **


We partner with exclusive venues to provide you with mind blowing discounts up to 30%!***


At the end of the date, tell us about it. Don’t worry, we won’t spill


Date went well? We'll set a second date for you. Discounts included of course ;)

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Why Kama?

We, at Kama, provide the most efficient platform to meet potential romantic partners in person, and not just over meaningless texts.

Our revolutionary app generates real dates, based on your dating preferences and free time, upon getting a mutual match. You can still text your match, but why would you need to? You already have a date. Congrats!

Kama Date

Kama is all about facilitating meetings IRL.

We all have a hard time converting matches on dating apps into real life dates. Kama solves this by actually setting up the location and the time for you!

The dates also happen at our partnering restaurants, cafes, and bars - and you get special care, with discounts and personal treatment that will make your date a one-time experience. And you get to have it over and over (;


Your safety is our first priority. So we implemented various features to make sure you have the best dating experience possible. 

1. Social Media - you can view your match's social media profile, seeing mutual friends and followers, to get a better sense of your date. Feel free to cancel the date if something seems odd.

2. Emergency Contact -  At the date you'd be able to share your location with your emergency contact at all times.

3. Partnering Venues - All dates will be set up at businesses, so you'll only meet your matches at public spaces!

4. Report/Cancel - You can report your match at any time. We will assess the reports and suspend the user if necessary. You can also cancel the date at any point in the journey.



We want our users to get real dates and real relationships.

That's why after the first date, if both partners agree, we'll facilitate a second date for the both of you. This way you'll be able to meet your match again, get to know them better, and perhaps it could lead to something exciting!

Way More Than Just a Dating App



Kama participated in Columbia University’s premier startup 
accelerator AlmaWorks, and after a successful demo day, we're 
happy to announce new partners and advisors on board!

** Follow our Safe-Dates guidelines

*** Due to COVID19 and local businesses struggling to stay afloat, Kama doesn't provide discounts at the moment.