Frequently asked questions

How does it all work?

It's simple - you swipe on our mobile app, you match - and it's a date - you receive a notification with a location and a time.

How can I try out the app?

The app is not yet released. But you can either pre-order it on the App Store (don't worry, it's free), or you can join our waitlist and we'll notify you when it's your turn to join our beta.

When do you launch?

We are expected to launch this Fall 2020.

Is this available only in NYC?

Currently yes. We hope to make it available in new cities soon.

Can I choose the time and the location for the date?

Kind of. Upon signing up, we ask you for your availability throughout the week, and we also ask you for your favorite first-date activities. We will use your inputs in order to craft a date for you and your date-partner. Don't worry about the initial time and activity inputs - you can always change them under Settings. You can always request a time or a location change - the app will process your request with the date partner and provide a response - a new time and/or location.

Is this a blind date?

You scroll over the user's photos, bio, personality questions, and mutual social media friends and followers. So we would say this is a semi-organic meeting.

How much discount do I get on Kama dates?

Between 10 and 30 percent off the bill.

Why did you choose the name Kama?

Kama in Hinduism means desire; human beings need intimate, physical relationships for their well being, and we see the desire for such relationships as the drive for a better society.

How would I know that the my date partner will show up for the date?

We follow up with each dater before the date's time - asking if they will show up or not. If not, we cancel the date. We also always give the option to cancel the date before it's due date. With that being said, some people might be insensitive to the fact that a human being is waiting for them, and not show up. We want our users who are being ghosted to let us know that, and the ghosting user will be flagged, and even suspended.

What locations are being offered for dates?

Right now we provide dates at Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Ice Cream shops, and Ice Tea Shops. In the future more activities will be available, such as Bowling Allies, Ice-Skating venues, etc.

Can I message my date?

Yes. Once you match and a date is being set up for you, you can message the date partner on our platform.

How do you help me stay safe on the date?

When you sign up to Kama, we ask you to provide us with an emergency contact. When you go on the date, you can give them access to your location, so that they can "follow" you on your date. If something goes wrong, you can call the emergency contact or 911.

Can you make changes to the date?

Yes. Once it's been set up for you, you can request to re-schedule and/or re-locate the date. Your request will be processed by the app (which will verify the change with your date partner) and receive a response - either a change or a refusal to change. You can always cancel the date befure its scheduled time.

Do you offer post-date support?

Yes. After the date you will be asked a brief follow up on the date. If you mention that you want to see the date partner again, you will get the opportunity to re-match them, and have another date set up for you. With discounts of course.

Are you taking responsibility over the date's success?

No. We know that real-life meetings are very different from virtual ones - for better and for worse. We believe that only by meeting IRL people can actually assess each other and decide whether the person is a fit for them or not. We facilitate dates, we don't take responsibility over them.

I'm a business owner, how do I join?

Please contact us for further information and sign-up. Our email is