Who We Are

Kama is a relationship company. We believe that reinventing the social networking & discovery space represents our greatest opportunity to improve human connectivity and enable more fulfilling personal lives. Our company, team, and products enable people to genuinely form meaningful relationships by meeting and interacting with each other in the physical realm.

Our Vision

Help elevate global human connectivity by enabling intimate physical interactions and meaningful relationships

Our Mission

Tackle loneliness by helping humanity meet in the physical realm rather than the digital. Meeting people in real life is how real human connection is built, but unfortunately the explosion of social networking & discovery platforms make it all too easy to go through life with minimal physical human contact and that’s exactly what we are trying to solve.

Our Values

Relationships Matter

We believe our relationships are a fundamental part of being human and leading fulfilling lives. This is our company’s guiding principle and North Star. As such, we are committed to building meaningful relationships and teams at the workplace since we sincerely believe that great teams are what build great companies.

Entrepreneurs at Heart

Every full-time member of the Kama Team owns significant equity and is an integral part of our success. As such, we expect every team member to be entrepreneurs at heart by taking ownership for both Kama’s successes & failures. We reward self-starters who take ownership of their own future and the company’s future by giving their 100% commitment to solving physical human interaction.

Aims For Mars

You might have heard the saying aim for the stars. At Kama, we ask ourselves why do what’s already been done before? Let’s aim for Mars instead! We are on a mission to connect all of humanity in the physical realm and this requires an unmatched level of ambition from the entire team. Don't limit yourself—aspire to achieve greatness, even if it seems impossible or impractical. When choosing a career path, don't settle— aim to be C-Suite/VP/Head of an entire division at an exciting young startup instead of being stuck at an entry-level job at “insert large firm”.

Challenge the Status Quo

On a personal level, challenge the outdated institutions of traditional education and work. Take on a new, exciting, fun challenge of tackling loneliness and personal relationships with us instead! We value rebels, misfits, college drop-outs, those who hate rigid corporate jobs, and uniquely weird backgrounds. On a company level, we want to challenge the current status quo in the social network & discovery space by taking on giants like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, and Bumble and change conventional digital forms of communication and connection. Physical Interactions are just better!

Passionate Risk Takers

Everyone at Kama is delusionally confident and passionate about the vision, mission, and values of our community. We love those who love us! We also believe in ourselves, in every other Kama Member, and in the success of our exciting company despite all the odds being stacked against us. We are daring risk-takers who push forward despite the fear of failure for that’s the only way we know to build great things.

Focus on Impact & Growth

We value anyone, irrespective of background, as long as they have a growth and value-creation mindset. We expect our team members to be independent, resourceful, and creative enough to solve problems on their own. This is a big component of our philosophy at Kama. We want to empower passionate young adults with the freedom to learn and grow rapidly to become better versions of themselves every single day at work. This involves a huge level of autonomy, trust, and freedom embedded throughout the company and sincerely believe that this is crucial to building truly meaningful products, teams, and companies.

Our Founders


Arjun Vairavan

Itamar Gil

Arjun is the chief visionary in charge of business operations. As an experienced entrepreneur, having founded healthcare-startup CallADoc and agricultural-tech startup Sri Nalan Organics, Arjun brings a unique hustler personality.

Itamar served as a software developer in the elite Israeli Defense Force intelligence for 3 years and later as a software engineer in Tel Aviv. He has vast experience in software development and technological innovation, as well as great interest in psychology.

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CTO