House duties.

House duties are never-ending! Just like a store that needs constant maintenance, your house needs that as well. Buying groceries, cleaning, taking the dog out, etc. are all need to be split between the house tenants.

So sit down together and distribute the work load.

Agree on rules - common room, tv time, shared meals.

You all live together, remember that! You’re not alone in the house, and as such you need to share certain things - you have a shared common room, a kitchen, a TV, a dining table - and you need to be able to use these in synergy. So sit together and agree on rules – who's using what and when. For your family’s well being - decide on having a shared meal once in a while - it will give you time to talk without feeling like you impose a conversation unwillingly.


COMMUNICATION! This is THE MOST important thing EVER. Always be open to hearing things that are not the most pleasant, and feel comfortable telling others what burdens you. This way you’ll give others the opportunity to reflect and even change their behavior, and you’ll be able to know if you should behave differently.

Talk to a professional.

If you tried all these and still haven’t reached nirvana, approach a professional therapist. It’s not a shame to ask for help! The contrary, it shows that you understand your limitations, and consciously decide to act.

And as always - follow us for more tips, questions, and good vibes (:





And Anything In-Between

Many of us went back to our parents’ place; whether we’ve taken a gap year post-graduation, or we’re college students or young adults in the mid of personal progress. And if we regularly live with our family - now we see them WAY more often.

We feel you! Being with our family 24/7 is not easy at all. Anxiety, distress, and the confrontation of old and new conflicts are all hard to cope with. So, we’re here to give you some tips!

Be the adult - self-reflect before shouting.

Stop constantly criticize your family members. Even if they suck or do annoying things - be the adult - don’t argue too much, go to your room if you feel like bursting, and try to act the way you want your family

members to act.

Lower your expectations of your family members.

Don’t expect too much of your family members! Each of us is different, and we all see the flaws in others.

But we also have flaws in ourselves. Acknowledge that, and try not to be judgemental even if someone seems to be the accumulation of everything that you see as wrong,

Be positive and calm.

Always think about the fact that this is all temporary, and that you want that time to pass nicely. For that to happen, you have to be nice! When we’re angry or grumpy we create bad energy around us. These bad vibes only make us angrier and more irritated. So be calm, eat something tasty, chilllll.

Require and give personal space.

We all want to be alone sometimes, or just not talk with anybody. This is OK. Tell your family that you’re not always in the mood of chatting and be polite and ask them to be aware of that. But reflect on yourself as well - don’t push your family members to always be communicative and responsive; sometimes they just want to be alone - let them.

To be continued..

  • Kama Team

Best Lines to Break the Ice


Best lines to break the ice

Hey what's up?

Good how are you?

I'm fine thanks!



Where are you from? Tampa & you? I'm from Squamish, It's in Canada! Nice.... How old are you?

20 wby?




Oh boy I feel you guys.... The awkwardness!!! We're here to save you again! We picked for you some great Icebreaking lines! After that you're invited to check out our "10 questions to ask your date when you first meet" (will come soon).

"If you had to be a candy bar, what kind of candy would you be"?

"When I meet new people, I immediately start talking about global warming. It's a real ice breaker".

"We're not socks. But I think we'd make a great pair".

"I'm not staring at your boobs, I'm staring at your heart".

"I know hello in 6 different languages, which one do you want me to tell you tomorrow" ?

How you doin'? "Guess what I'm wearing? The smile you gave me". "You're so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line". "Even though there aren’t any stars out tonight, you’re still shining like one". "Please keep your distance. I might fall for you.". "I would flirt with you, but I’d rather seduce you with my awkwardness". "Did the sun come out or did you just smile at me?". " Sorry, but you owe me a drink. Well, when I saw you, I dropped mine".

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