Ever wondered if your matches on dating apps could be real dates instead? Join Kama Club and every single match would be a fun date IRL at exclusive partnering restaurants, cafes, and bars in NYC 



View photos, bio, personality questions, and mutual friends & followers


Every Kama Match is a Date IRL, based on

your personal preferences and schedule


We partner with exclusive venues to provide you with mind blowing discounts up to 30%!


At the end of the date, tell us about it. Don’t worry, we won’t spill


Date went well? We'll set a second date for you. Discounts included of course ;)


Why Kama?

We, at Kama, provide the most efficient platform to meet potential romantic partners in person, and not just over meaningless texts.

Our revolutionary app generates real dates, based on your dating preferences and free time, upon getting a mutual match. You can still text your match, but why would you need too? You already have a date. Congrats!



Kama participated in Columbia University’s premier startup 
accelerator AlmaWorks, and after a successful demo day, we're 
happy to announce new partners and advisors on board!

Our Features

Stop Texting. Start Dating.

Start going on fun dates at exclusive restaurants, cafes, and bars whenever you're available! Just tell us when you're free and where you want to go, and start swiping. What are you waiting for? We also prioritize mutual friends on Facebook and Instagram to create more intimate dates. So be sure to pre-order KAMA on the App Store today to revitalize your dating life!

Discounts on Us

We want you to go out and have the best conversation over dinner or drinks with someone who will sweep you off your feet. As the world's classiest wingmen, we will provide a discount on EVERY SINGLE KAMA DATE. Whether it's a restaurant, a bar, or a café - we've got your back. Simply show your unique promo code generated along with each date and claim a discount before paying your bill.

You deserve true love ❤️

Provide us with your availability and favorite date activities, and we will do the rest. Our app will tell you when and where to be for your date. Need to make changes? Feel free to reschedule or request a different venue with the ease of a button. At Kama, we truly do care about making it as easy as possible for you to find true love by helping you go on REAL DATES!

Kama Date

The Best Wingman You Can Ask For

Kama is all about facilitating meetings IRL.

We all have a hard time taking a match on dating apps and convert it into a Real-Life date. Kama solves that - setting up the location and the time for us!

But that is only the beginning; after going on a Kama Date you won't go back. The easy, fuss-free experience is phenomenal. Plus, the VIP experience at the date is the cherry on top - the dates happen at one of our partnering restaurants, cafes, and bars - and you get special care, with discounts and personal treatment that will make your date a one-time experience. And you get to have it over and over (;


Partner With Us

With Kama, you can have more customers at your restaurant, cafe, or bar.  And even better - we are going to provide you with customers 24/7 even during off-peak hours and help maximize your table turnover. Contact us for more information regarding an exciting partnership!



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